Hi, everyone of all KAMURO fans and welcome to "KAMURO Photo Gallery"!

Today's post came from San Francisco, USA!
Her big fan of KAMURO gave me a gift to me also great shot!


The following is a message that was given to me with this shot.

I visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art last week. I saw the Damien Hirst's polka dot painting and happened to be wearing my Orbis frames. The glasses and painting compliment each other wonderfully!
I always say Kamuros are works of art. It's obviously true!

私はいつもKAMUROのコレクションは芸術作品だと言う。 それは明らかに真実なんだ!

It is the message of the best compliments for us.

But works of art really is your own. That is what a human face is a great work of art.
Because, it is work of art in the world there is only one.

When you wear our collection in front of "the art work",
it will complement each other!,and our collection will shine each other!
we always think so!
そしてお互いが輝く! そうであったらいいなっていつも思ってます!)
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